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Bar Neon Signs

Bar Neon Signs
Bar Neon SignNeon bar signs enhance the decor of your home bar, office, game room or garage. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a tropical Tiki bar, Vegas Rat Pack Lounge, Corner Irish Pub, or Racing Garage where you can let your hair down and gather with friends at a moment’s notice. Whatever your home bar vision, it would not be complete without a neon bar sign to match it. Fire House Neon offers tiki bar neon signs, martini and lounge neon signs from which to choose. Once you home bar is decked out in neon, be sure to throw a party to celebrate. Cheers! 

Animated Drunken Clam Neon Sign

Item#: JA59
Now: $319.99   

Bar Neon Sign - Oval

Item#: A14024
Now: $210.00   

Bars Open Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA01
Now: $289.99   

Beach Party Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA28
Now: $289.99   

Beer on Tap Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA035
Now: $289.99   

Beer with Mug Neon Sign - Oval

Item#: A14027
Now: $276.00   

Blue Moon Motel Neon Light Sign

Item#: JA18
Now: $289.99   

Bronco Rider Neon Sign

Item#: JA55
Now: $289.99   

Cantina Neon Sign

Item#: JA06
Now: $289.99   

Classic Custom Hot Rod Neon Sign

Item#: JA33
Now: $289.99   

Cocktails and Dreams Neon Sign

Item#: FHN267C
Now: $499.00   

Cocktails Neon Sign

Item#: JA05
Now: $289.99   

Cocktails Parrot Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA04
Now: $289.99   

Corvette Bowtie Neon Sign

Item#: JA62
Now: $199.00   

Corvette Neon Sign Back View

Item#: JA49
Now: $289.99   

Corvette Neon Sign Front View

Item#: JA57
Now: $289.99   

Darts Neon Sign

Item#: N5DARTS
Now: $289.00   

Extreme Snow Skier Neon Sign

Item#: JA39
Now: $289.99   

Flamingo Cafe Neon Light

Item#: JAFC
Now: $289.99   

Ford Logo Neon Sign with Diamond Plate

Item#: ON260051
Now: $345.00   

Free Beer Tomorrow Neon Sign

Item#: FHN05093
Now: $310.00   

Game Room  Neon Sign with Arrow

Item#: FHNGR07
Now: $389.00   

Girls Girls Neon Sign with Arrow

Item#: FHN0605
Now: $389.00   

Historic Route 66 Neon Sign

Item#: JA17
Now: $289.99   

Hot Rod Garage Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA30
Now: $289.99   

Hot Rod Maltese Cross Neon Sign

Item#: JA11
Now: $289.99   

Hot Rod Neon Sign

Item#: JA34
Now: $289.99   

Island Time Neon Sign

Item#: JA38
Now: $289.99   

It's 5:00 Somewhere Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA07
Now: $289.99   

Juke Box Saturday Night Neon Sign

Item#: JA16
Now: $289.99   

Large Pink Lady Neon Bar Sign

Item#: FHN344
Now: $389.00   

Liquor Neon Sign - Oval

Item#: A14053
Now: $221.00   

Live 2 Ride Neon Sign

Item#: JA26
Now: $289.99   

Live Nudes Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA29
Now: $289.99   

Live Nudes with Arrow Pointed Left Neon Sign

Item#: FHN173O
Now: $359.00   

Live to Ride Neon Sign

Item#: JA40
Now: $289.99   

Live to Ride Neon Sign

Item#: JA51
Now: $289.99   

Long Live Cowboys Neon Sign

Item#: JA48
Now: $289.99   

Love Shack Neon Bar Sign

Item#: FHN0708
Now: $310.00   

Luck O' the Irish 4 Leaf Clover Neon Bar Sign

Item#: FHN234
Now: $410.00   

Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Neon Sign

Item#: FHN0506
Now: $410.00   

Man Cave Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA60
Now: $159.00   

Man Cave Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA61
Now: $189.00   

Man Cave Neon Sign

Item#: JA46
Now: $289.99   

Motorhead Garage Neon Sign

Item#: JA54
Now: $289.99   

Movie Time Neon Sign

Item#: JA56
Now: $289.99   

Muscle Car Garage Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA68
Now: $289.99   

Palm Tree and Hammock Beer Neon Sign

Item#: JA47
Now: $289.99   

Party at the Lake Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA31
Now: $289.99   

Party at the Lake Neon Sign

Item#: JA36
Now: $289.99   

Patio Party Neon Sign

Item#: JA25
Now: $289.99   

Play Pinball Here Neon Bar Sign

Item#: FHNPB
Now: $389.00   

Poker Neon Sign

Item#: JA37
Now: $289.99   

Pool Room Neon Sign

Item#: JA19
Now: $289.99   

Quality Live Nudes Large Neon Sign

Item#: FHN257
Now: $359.00   

Speed Neon Sign

Item#: JA12
Now: $289.99   

Street Rod Garage Neon Sign

Item#: JA69
Now: $289.99   

Super Sport Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA66
Now: $289.99   

Surrender the Booty Neon Sign

Item#: JA44
Now: $289.99   

Texas Hold 'Em Neon Sign

Item#: JA13
Now: $289.99   

Texas Lone Star Neon Sign

Item#: JA10
Now: $289.99   

Tiki Bar Mask Neon Sign

Item#: JA15
Now: $289.99   

Tiki Bar Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA45
Now: $289.99   

Tiki Bar Neon Sign

Item#: JA14
Now: $289.99   

Train II Neon Sign

Item#: AFHN12
Now: $389.00   

Train Neon Sign

Item#: AFHN11
Now: $389.00   

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Neon Sign

Item#: JA41
Now: $289.99   

Wet Dreams Neon Bar Sign

Item#: JA27
Now: $289.99   

Wolf Howling at Moon Neon Sign

Item#: JA50
Now: $289.99   

Woody Surf Wagon Neon Sign

Item#: JA21
Now: $289.99   

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