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Neon Clocks

Neon Clocks
Neon clocks
Neon clocks make a great gift that is sure to become a heirloom. We offer many neon clock sizes and styles to choose from. We offer licensed neon clock logos from dealers such as Ford, Chevy, Chrysler and Harley Davidson. You can also choose to personalize a custom neon clock for a one of a kind gift. Our reproduction neon clocks are hand spun here in the USA ensuring lasting quality. If you have questions, please contact us at 360-977-6010. One of our neon sign experts will be happy to answer any question you may have about neon clocks.

Automotive Neon Clocks

Custom Neon Clocks

Harley-Davidson Neon Clocks

Military Neon Clocks & Signs

Petroleum Neon Clocks

Reproduction Neon Clocks

Buick Authorized Service Neon Clock

Item#: Itbuick
Now: $265.00   

Cadillac Authorized Service 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItCad
Now: $265.00   

Cadillac Wreath 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItCadW
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet  Corvette 53-55 Black 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItvetteB
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet  Corvette Banded 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItvetteBand
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette 56-57 Black 20" Neon Clock

Item#: Itvette
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette C5 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItvetteC5
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Neon Clock

Item#: ITCORC6
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Red Neon Clock

Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette Cars 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItvetteCAR
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette Logo 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItvetteL
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItvetteSt
Now: $265.00   

Chevrolette Corvette C6 Neon Clock

Now: $265.00   

Chevy Bowtie 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItChevyBT
Now: $265.00   

Chevy Red Center 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItChevyred
Now: $265.00   

Chevy Super Service 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItChevySS
Now: $265.00   

Chevy Trucks 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItChevyT
Now: $265.00   

Custom Neon Clock 20" - Add Your Own Artwork

Item#: ITC20
Now: $349.00   

Custom Neon Clock 24" - Add Your Own Artwork

Item#: ITC24D
Now: $668.00   

Custom Neon Clock 36" - Add Your Own Artwork

Item#: IT36c
Now: $3,550.00   

Esso Happy Motoring Neon Clock

Now: $265.00   

Gilmore Gasoline 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITGil
Now: $265.00   

GTO 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITGTO
Now: $265.00   

Harley Davidson Bar Shield 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITHD-16625
Now: $319.00   

Hot Rods Bitchin 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItBIT
Now: $265.00   

Hot Rods Bitchin with 3 Cars  20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItHR
Now: $265.00   

Nash 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITNash
Now: $265.00   

Number 20" Neon Clock

Item#: Itnum
Now: $265.00   

OK Used Cars 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItOK
Now: $265.00   

Oldsmobile Service 20" Neon Clock

Item#: Itolds
Now: $265.00   

Packard 20" Neon Clock

Item#: Itpack
Now: $265.00   

Polly Gasoline 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITPolly
Now: $265.00   

Pontiac Service 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItPon
Now: $265.00   

Richfield Gasoline 20" Neon Clock

Now: $265.00   

Rock-ola 20" Neon Clock

Item#: Itrock
Now: $265.00   

Route 66 Get Your Kicks 20" Neon Clock

Item#: It66GYK
Now: $265.00   

Route 66 Neon Clock

Item#: It66
Now: $265.00   

Signal Gasoline 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITSig
Now: $265.00   

Sinclair Dino Gasoline 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ITDin
Now: $265.00   

Spinning Wheel Illusion 24" Custom Neon Clock

Item#: WCSpin
Now: $2,400.00   

Wurlitzer 20" Neon Clock

Item#: ItWur
Now: $265.00   

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