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Sidewalk & Car Top Signs

Sidewalk Signs / Car Top Signs
Sidewalk signSidewalk signs are economical, portable and easy to use making them the perfect advertising tool in todays tough economic times. Swinging side walk signs are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the urban curbside environment while effectively attracting passersby. Use elegant Postergrip sidewalk signs to display your vibrant posters. Car top signs attach your sidewalk message to the roof of the car, turning it into a street side billboard where it will be visible to motorist. Use sidewalk signs to advertise specials, menus, sales, events and more out on the street where customers are driving by.

Car Top Swinger II Sign Ready for Graphics

Item#: SCT2-R4G
Now: $39.95   

Outdoor A-Frame Sidewalk Sign

Item#: MDI320BK
Now: $181.00   

Outdoor Curb Sign

Item#: MDI1005
Now: $199.40   

Outdoor Poster Grip Curb Sign with Rolling Base

Item#: MDI4205
Now: $235.00   

Portable Sidewalk Sign Basic Springer (2-pack)

Item#: SPG
Now: $189.00   

Roadside Swinger Sidewalk Sign Ready for Graphics

Now: $224.00   

Roadside Swinger Sign with Changeable Letter Kit

Now: $324.00   

Sidewalk Sign Deluxe Swinger Message Board Kit - Black

Now: $175.50   

Sidewalk Sign Swinger with Deluxe Changeable Letters Kit

Now: $169.00   

Swinger Sidewalk Sign Ready for Graphics

Item#: SSW
Now: $124.00   

Swinger Sidewalk Sign with Changable Message Board Kit

Item#: SSWMB
Now: $169.00   

Swinger Write-on/ Wash-off Sidewalk Sign

Now: $169.00   

Swinger Write-On/Wash-Off Black Sidewalk Sign

Item#: BLK- SSW-WO
Now: $169.00   

Tip'n Roll Deluxe Sidewalk Sign

Now: $169.00   

Tip'n Roll Message Board Sidewalk Sign

Item#: TNR-MB
Now: $159.00   

Tip'n Roll Sidewalk Sign Ready for Graphics

Item#: TNR-R4G
Now: $119.50   

Write-On/ Wash-Off Sidewalk Sign Neon Markers

Now: $27.50   

Write-On/Wash-Off Sidewalk Sign Replacement Markers

Item#: WO-4MARK
Now: $27.50   

During tough economic sidewalk signs offer business owners the following advertising benefits:
  1. Changable sidewalk signs are one time investment that keep on working 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  2. Interchangable sign kits allow messages to be changed as often as necessary to promote products or services.
  3. Sidewalk signs generate streetside sales and increase business.
  4. Sidewalk signs are one of the lowest cost methods of advertising.. " a big bang for your buck".
  5. Sidewalk signs use recycled resins and steel and all components are recyclebale making the a Green advertising alternative
  6. Made in the USA supporting US workers.
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